Kingdom Consulate International

Kingdom Consulate International(KCI) is an ecumenical non-denominational movement centered on unity, promotion of brotherly love and training of leaders into kingdom mindset. We are driven by a divine mandate of Christ finished work that is centered on love, care, cheerful giving, salvation and restoration of hope to the hopeless. Our phenomenal drive dwells on touching lives, transforming destinies and rendering of humanitarian services through our NGO and humanity development initiatives. Our Christ purpose-driven movement for the advancement of Heaven-on-Earth is divinely bodied into five-fold ministry: Teaching, Pastoring, Evangelism, Prophet and Apostleship.

We are glad that with the numerous supports we are receiving, we are keen and keying into doing much and more for the Kingdom of God to be exalted on high. For it is Christ’s mandate upon us that we create heaven on earth in glorious preparation for eternal bliss with the Father.  And surely, goodness and mercy shall dwell with all men of God’s creation all the days long; for they shall see his mighty works through Christ our Lord and Personal Saviour.